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Meijer Community RewardsSM Organization Terms & Conditions

By enrolling in Meijer Community RewardsSM (MCR), your organization represents and agrees to the following:

  1. Organization has received its 501(c) determination from the Internal Revenue Service and shall, upon reasonable notice, provide Meijer Stores Limited Partnership ("Meijer"), its employees or agents with a true and correct copy of such determination.

  2. Organization shall abide by the terms and conditions contained herein and such modification or amendments that may occur prospectively upon reasonable notice.

  3. Organization shall notify Meijer in writing within five (5) days upon its withdrawal from Meijer Community RewardsSM  or any change in its tax status.

  4. Any abuse or misuse of this program, i.e., group buying on a single Meijer 1 CardSM or other commercial purposes, shall violate the terms contained herein and the spirit of Meijer Community RewardsSM. Meijer may, at its sole discretion, terminate the organization's participation in the program and/or suspend reward payments.

  5. Upon voluntary withdrawal from the program, customers' rewards attributable to the withdrawing organization, which have not been designated to a new participating organization, shall not be paid.

  6. Neither Meijer, its affiliates or subsidiaries have made any representation, statement or certification of the tax validity or treatment of the program. Participating organizations may have tax consequences and each organization is directed to contact its financial or tax advisor to determine. Any tax related issues are solely the responsibility of the organization.

  7. Use of our on-line account information system is subject to the terms and conditions as stated on-line at As a condition of participation in the MCR program, Meijer, at its sole discretion, may publish or display a list of organizations and their reward totals in any form whatsoever, including but not limited to the internet, in-store and print advertising.

  8. Rewards will be paid out at the end of each month and will be based on the Meijer Card holder's designated organization at the end of the month.

  9. Organizations must meet a minimum threshold of $100 before a payment is made. Amounts less than $100 will be rolled over to the following month and issued when the total is more than $100.

  10. After the Giving Share is calculated, eligible purchases paid with a Meijer Credit Card earn 1% and purchases paid with cash or a PIN-based debit card with a swiped Meijer 1 CardSM earn 0.5% (checks and other types of credit cards are not eligible for rewards).

  11. Meijer may occasionally offer promotions where customers will have the opportunity to increase their rewards. These promotions are at the sole discretion of Meijer.

  12. All terms and conditions herein are subject to change, modification or amendment by Meijer, in its sole discretion, at any time and without notice.

  13. These terms and conditions shall be governed, interpreted and adjudicated in accordance with Michigan law. Organizations hereby agree and represent that any legal action arising out of Meijer Community RewardsSM shall be tried only in courts located in Kent County, Michigan. The parties further agree to waive any objection to venue and their rights to a jury trial. Excludes commercial purchases, MasterCard Productivity Business Card, group buying, lottery purchases, postage, insurer paid prescriptions, layaway and sales tax. Excludes purchases made with checks and other types of credit cards. Rewards are computed after discounts, credits and any additional savings are deducted and gift cards and return cards are redeemed. Some in-store business (shoe repair, salon, third party sales, etc.) may not participate.


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